Gary and Bonnie Trietsch Park – Baker Rd Houston TX United States

Gary and Bonnie Trietsch Park is a quiet, pleasant place to enjoy the outdoors. The park features a small covered rest area, a playground, and a trail that connects the park with the George Bush Hike and Bike Trail.

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Park Information

Park Information

This small urban park is one of the best examples of green space in Houston. It’s a tad under a mile from downtown and offers a great view of the city skyline in all it’s glory. It is home to a pond and a fountain as well as a small covered rest area. There are also plenty of trees and flowering shrubs to keep the area green. The park has a lot to offer and the city is always looking for new ways to make it even better.

Hopefully, the park will continue to be the jewel in Houston’s crown for many years to come! Until then, enjoy all it has to offer. The park’s biggest draw is a beautiful grove of live oaks with a gazebo for relaxing in the sun. It’s a great place to spend time with family and friends.

The park was named after Gary and Bonnie Trietsch, who deserved it for their efforts in making the park a reality.

Park Rules

Gary and Bonnie Trietsch Park is a beautiful place to walk and relax. It is also the perfect location for outdoor sports such as fishing, golfing and flying remote control aircraft. However, it is important to obey the park’s rules and regulations to keep everyone safe.

The park is located in Houston, Texas, United States and was established on January 1, 2012. It has 36 reviews with an average rating of 4.5 stars.

In addition to the park’s recreational amenities, it is a great location for visiting historical sites in and around Houston. Several of the landmarks are marked within the park including the Houston Ship Channel and the San Jacinto Monument. The monument is a National Historical Civil Engineering Landmark and was constructed in 1936-39 by Robert J. Cummins. It is 570 feet tall and is the world’s largest memorial monument. It is also the tallest monument in the United States. The monument is a part of the Fort Bend Historic District in the Houston area and was designated as a National Historic Civil Engineering Site by ASCE. Visit This Site.

Park Amenities

The park amenities include a play area, splash pad, walking trail, 2 pavilions, and baseball backstop. The park also features public restrooms, fishing and other activities.

A new bridge now crosses Mason Creek and allows continued access to Gary and Bonnie Trietsch Hike & Bike Trail. This 10-acre park is located at 7536 C 1/3 Tetela, Houston TX 77083 and is open from 8:00 AM until 9:00 PM daily.

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Park Activities

The Gary and Bonnie Trietsch Park Baker Rd Houston TX United States is a great place for family fun, hiking, biking and other outdoor activities. It has several trail mediums, benches throughout, wild flower gardens, KBR Kid Fit Park and much more!

The park also has a number of events. For instance, there is an annual tree planting and a hummingbird garden.

Another event is the Clean Houston Can Competition. The Houston Branch Younger Members Committee won second place in this contest with an eleven-foot replica of the San Jacinto Monument constructed from Budweiser beer cans.

In addition to monthly branch meetings, there are many other events and activities held in the park. These include fishing, nature walking, woodworking and much more! More.

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