OUR APP, Signature JM

How it works

We believe improved communication has a direct impact on the quality of our cleaning service. That is why we use JM— simple software that enables us to communicate with our professional cleaners when they are cleaning for you. We make technology work for us because it benefits you. Our cleaners report issues when finishing each service and our managers are immediately notified. This allows us to take care of any little issues before they annoy you or turn into larger problems. We position our cleaners for success by providing clear instructions and pictures of your space. After each inspection, you will receive a custom Inspections Report. Our cleaners also receive this so they know where to better focus their time. As a locally-owned commercial cleaning and janitorial services company, we believe you should expect more from your cleaning company, and Signature Cleaning Concepts is ready to deliver.

Signature Quick Response System

Our complimentary Quick Response System is available to all of our clients.

​Have you ever walked into the restroom or a common area and found it a mess? Signature Cleaning Concepts has made it simple for you and your employees, by using custom community identification numbers and placards. Business clients with these unique IDs can easily report cleanliness issues via phone call or text message, anonymously. With a few automated responses, problems are reported promptly to Signature Cleaning Concepts by using the Quick Response System technology to take action immediately. It’s that easy! Issues can be reported and resolved 24/7 without consuming your valuable time.