Stop the spread of COVID-19 and other germs

Maintaining a high level of cleanliness is vital to the safety of your facility. At Signature Cleaning Concepts, we take this as seriously as you do, but not all commercial cleaning services are equipped with the right tools to stop the spread of disease. Unlike those others, we use advanced technology to effectively and efficiently clean even the most hard-to-reach surfaces.









Electrostatic Disinfecting

Electrostatic disinfection is an innovation method that saves time, energy, and cost because it presents a more efficient alternative to traditional cleaning techniques. Take a look at some of the benefits of electrostatic disinfection:

  • Reduces the time it takes to cover and disinfect all surfaces and hard-to-reach places

  • Improves infection control and the spread of viruses

  • Applies chemicals in a more efficient, uniform, and controlled manner, helping to eliminate waste

  • Prevents costly financial burdens associated with contagious healthcare infections

  • Avoids cross contamination and the movement of bacteria from one surface to another

  • Saves chemical solution costs and those associated with long-term cleaning efforts

Effective Against Viruses

Electrostatic cleaning is effective against many viruses, including:

  • COVID-19

  • MRSA

  • HIV

  • Hepatitis B & C

  • Herpes Simplex type 1 & 2

  • Influenza (all strains)

  • Measles

  • Noro Virus

How It Works

Electrostatic disinfection atomizes disinfectant solutions to produce an electrically charged spray that wraps around surfaces for an even coat. As the solution exits the sprayer, it's given a positive charge that is attracted to available negative surfaces. The spray attaches itself to unwanted, negatively charged particles, which are then removed from the environment with a specially designed apparatus. Surfaces that are already covered in the disinfecting solution will repel the spray, making the method extremely efficient.