Starting a cleaning company can be an excellent way to earn extra income. However, there are several factors you should consider before launching your business. These include legal structure, financing and equipment costs, and insurance coverage. You can return to our home page.

Customer service is one of the most important aspects of a successful cleaning company. The more satisfied customers are, the more repeat business you’ll receive.


One of the most difficult parts of running a cleaning company is pricing. This is because the price of a service depends on a lot of factors, including overhead costs and other variables. Fortunately, with some trial and error, a cleaning company can determine the best pricing policy for its services.

While many people think that lowering prices is an easy way to increase sales, it doesn’t always work. Instead, a business must focus on offering value to its customers and forming loyal relationships. This will help build a strong customer base, and in turn, increase profits.

It is also important to make sure that a cleaning business has insurance. This includes liability coverage in case of damage or injury to the client’s property. It also should have commercial auto coverage for driving between assignments. Finally, it is recommended that a business have a secure online system for paying invoices. This will allow clients to pay for services from anywhere.


Many cleaning company owners use their own resources to get started and then reinvest early profits. This could include savings accounts, equity in home or rental properties, recreation equipment, and collections. Before dipping into personal assets, however, a company should do a thorough inventory to determine its own financial resources and whether they’re sufficient to fund growth.

While word-of-mouth referrals are the best way to build a client base, most cleaning businesses require some form of advertising. This can take the form of a website, posting flyers in public spaces, or reaching out to local businesses through networking groups.

Insurance coverage is also essential. Since employees may be entering customers’ homes or offices, liability for property damage and financial loss are potential concerns. Consider forming a corporation or limited liability company to protect yourself from risk. Both options come with different legal and tax requirements. A sole proprietorship is the easiest business structure to start but comes with the risk that your personal assets are at stake if the company fails.

Customer Service

A cleaning company with a focus on customer service can be a valuable asset to your clients. In addition to providing a professional, reliable service and maintaining a clean environment, they can also help you save money by managing your energy and waste bills. A cleaning company that offers value-added services is more likely to build a long-term relationship with a client.

Many customers will come to you through word of mouth or referrals, so it’s important for your business to have a solid marketing strategy. Invest in flyers, social media, and online advertising. Make sure you have proper commercial insurance coverage for your business, including general liability and workers’ compensation.

Angela believes that loyal customers are the best marketers and she often encourages her recurring cleaning clients to recommend her service to friends and family members. She also rewards these customers with referral discounts, such as a 20% discount on their next cleaning appointment. Next article.