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Tip Tuesday

Janitorial Services

Does it seem like no matter how many times you vacuum, you can’t seem to get everything up? You’re not alone.

Use this to eliminate water stains

Janitorial Services

For this week’s Tip Tuesday, we’re sharing an easy cleaning hack that will have the glass in your home or office looking sparkling new!

Dirty keyboard? Try this.

Dirty keyboard try this

We know maintaining a clean work environment for your employees can improve morale and boost productivity. This week’s tip is one of the very first Tip Tuesday hacks we featured on our Facebook page

Old socks are great for cleaning.

Old socks are great for cleaning

Everyone has old socks lying around. But just because they’re too worn out to wear or their mate got lost in the laundry doesn’t mean you should throw them away.

Easy trick to clean your lamps

Commercial Janitorial Service

Sometimes it’s the little things. Be sure you make your light fixtures part of your regular cleaning routine to keep your space looking clean and fresh.

30 seconds to a clean sponge

30 seconds to a clean sponge

Over the years we’ve cleaned many an office break room. A lot of break rooms keep a sponge by the sink, which begs the question: when was the last time this sponge was cleaned?

Refresh your garbage disposal

Refresh your garbage disposal

Weird smells coming from your garbage disposal? We’ve all been there. It’s important to keep your garbage disposal clean and clog-free so it can do its work without any odors. To clean and refresh your garbage disposal, use a fresh lemon or lime. Quarter your lemon or lime and place it into the garbage disposal […]

Cleaning specialists needed

Cleaning specialists needed

The Signature team is expanding! Are you ready to join our team? We’re looking for part-time cleaning specialists for evenings and weekend shifts.

Dirty iron?

Dirty iron

The last thing you want is dirt from your iron sticking to your clothes. The secret ingredient to cleaning your iron? Salt! Pour salt on your ironing board and iron with the steam function off.